A Word From Our Speakers

AutoPack Summit addresses an unmet need – spotlighting the critical link, inherent value, and resulting opportunities of packaging in the automotive supply chain and aftermarket process. The summit brings subject matter experts and industry leaders together for both visionary keynote presentations for tomorrow’s strategy and practical insights on supply chain tactics for today.  – Dr. Andrew Hurley

2021 Speakers, Presenters, and Panelists

Rob Schaftenaar

Vice President, DGI Solutions

Having practically been raised on the manufacturing floor, Rob has been around returnable packaging his entire life.

He graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Business Management degree in 2010, and has been with Diverse Global in his current role as Senior Account Manager for 5 years. His focus is to develop customer relationships and to help analyze their packaging needs, as well as to look for opportunities for customers to save money by implementing new packaging designs. One way he achieves that is to help those with space constraints optimize their facilities with the use of the newly patented RZR Rack.

Lauren Wahl

Packaging Engineer, Robert Bosch LLC

Lauren graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelors in Packaging Science. 

She has been with Robert Bosch for 2.5 years supporting customers in the OES and IAM channel. She works cross-functionally to ensure quality, adherence to customer specifications, and develop new processes for the internal warehouse.

Gaui Awalgaonkar

Packaging Engineer, Robert
Bosch LLC

Gauri has a Masters in Packaging Science from Michigan State University. 

She has been working with Robert Bosch in the aftermarket division for 3 years supporting various OES and IAM channel. Recently, she has been focusing on using data analysis and machine learning for adhering label data and packaging specifications across BOSCH and OES systems.

Gemela Lewis

Senior Packaging Engineer, Toyota

Gemela was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. She is a Michigan State University Packaging grad with an MBA and background in procurement which has shaped her into a more well rounded engineer.

She is well versed in the world of packaging with some experience in beauty packaging. Automotive packaging has been the bulk of her exciting experience for the last 7 years. She is a proud Spartan and avid reader with a deep love to make the world fit into the most efficient package.

Jennifer Gault

Manager Quality and Packaging Consolidated Services, BMW

Jennifer is a Logistics professional with 20+ years experience at BMW including Material Control, Supply Chain Planning, Logistics Quality and Packaging Management. She has worked and lived abroad including the UK and Germany and had extensive experience with a wide range of suppliers in the Automotive Industry.