AutoPack Summit 2021 Presentations

AutoPack Summit addresses an unmet need – spotlighting the critical link, inherent value, and resulting opportunities of packaging in the automotive supply chain and aftermarket process. The summit brings subject matter experts and industry leaders together for both visionary keynote presentations for tomorrow’s strategy and practical insights on supply chain tactics for today.  – Dr. Andrew Hurley

October 7, 2021

8:30 am

Returnable Packaging at an EV Startup

Brandon Volsan | Lucid Motors

  • Compare and contrast packaging operations and efficiencies at EV startup vs. traditional OEM/and or Tier I manufacturing plants
  • Processes that help streamline a successful returnable packaging loop in the supply chain
  • Cross-functional collaboration with other stakeholders that is required to create the proper returnable packaging that fits the scope of manufacturing and production

9:15 am

Racks 101

Rob Schaftenaar | DGI Solutions
Dr. Andrew Hurley | The Packaging School

  • Defining your returnable system 
  • Discussing rack prerequisites
  • Comparing WIP & Finished Goods Racks
  • Rack innovations and solutions

10:30 am


Effects of Poor Packaging on Business

Madison Black | Upstate Marine, Clemson University Student

  • Discuss the effects of poor packaging on a business through cost of shipping replacement parts and time delayed in the process
  • How damaged parts are affecting relationships with customers
  • Trends within the damaged products and the easy solutions to common problems

11:00 am

Applications of Data Analysis in Packaging

Lauren Wahl & Gauri Awalgaonkar | Robert Bosch LLC​

  • Enhance the quality packaging specifications through data analysis and machine learning
  • Monitor and navigate changes made in the customer portal and implement internally to adhere compliance
  •  Improve accuracy and reduce production downtime and rework.

1:30 pm


OEM Panel

Darrin Lucas, Nissan North America Inc. | J.K. McKenzie, Volvo Car Corporation | Yue Zhu, Arrival Automotive US

  • How packaging suppliers can best support OEMs
  • Essential emerging packaging technologies
  • Covid-19’s effect on the supply chain in the automotive industry

2:15 pm


A Corrugated Revolution - The New Returnable

David Colclough, Yanfeng Automotive Interiors

  • Cost saving and environmental benefits associated with implementing a corrugated packaging concept in a returnable application
  • Several years of accumulated data  has shown significant savings associated with the implementation of an innovative packaging design
  • With improved container density, associated freight savings and the ability to reuse the boxes the savings potential is eye-opening

3:30 pm


Tetris and Packaging Concepts

Gemela Lewis | Toyota

  • Learn about important consideration points when designing new automotive container packaging for parts
  • Discuss the question: Can and Should the part packaging designer be involved in the part engineering process?
  • Contemplate if we should consider modifying parts instead of the packaging
  • Review automotive packaging in terms of handling- How do we protect the line team members?

4:00 pm


One-Way Packaging and the Needs of Overseas Supply

Jennifer Gault | BMW

  • Current challenges a pack center experiences with supplier pre-pack into corrugate
  • Opportunities for packaging optimized to repack processes (improved pack time, decreased waste, etc.)
  • Packaging best suited to the current and long-term conditions of the BMW overseas supply network