Virtual Event 2020

 The 2020 AutoPack Summit went completely virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The team was able to bring our audience 10 free presentations and webinars over Q4 of 2020. Our online events allowed many newcomers to attend the presentations and participate in virtual discussions from all over the world.


October 7 | Running Out of Floor Space? Solutions for Optimizing your Facility
Rob Schaftenaar
Diverse Global

October 8 | Optimizing Wheel and Battery Packaging
Dominic DiPilato and Nate Franck

October 13 | Incorporating Packaging Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) Into Packaging Design Selection
JJ Webb and William Murray
Cummins Inc.

October 15 | Driving Automotive Forward: Innovative Solutions and Customized Programs for the Automotive Industry
John Lasitter, Joseph Novak, Larry White, Travis Evans, Todd Meadows
IPS Packaging and Automation

October 16 | Systems Approach to the Design and Fabrication of Automatic Loaded Steel Racks
Werner Els
BMW South Africa
October 22 | Insights from the Bodyshop and Assembly Line
Scott Grooms, Paras Gudka, Amy-Catherine White
BMW North America

October 29 | Are High Gloss and Painted Parts Damage Increasing Rework Costs? Learn How the Super Microfilaments of Evolon Materials Extend Dunnage Life
Eva Welsh
Freudenberg Performance Materials

November 10 | The Future of Supply Chain: Integrated Real-Time Descision Support Systems (DSS)
Yash Bhatia
Datos Technologies

November 18 | Introducing Reusable Packaging: Considering All Angles
Itha Venter

December 15 | Supply Chain Management Today
Brenda Cox
Supply Chain Management Consultant