AutoPack Summit 2019

The third annual Automotive Packaging Summit took place on October 11-12th in Greenville, SC. As the event has grown over the past few years, a need has arose to split into breakout sessions to bring our attendees the most relevant content. In the afternoon, attendees could choose between Returnable Packaging or Expendable Packaging and listen to presentations given by experts in the automotive packaging field. AutoPack Summit welcomed 250 attendees from OEMs, Tier One Suppliers, Solutions Providers, and those in the academic realm.


Wednesday, October 9th

6:00-8:00 – Networking Cocktail Hour
Pour Taproom 7 Falls Park Dr. Greenville, SC 29601

Thursday, October 10th
Greenville One Center, Greenville, SC
7:30 – Breakfast and Registration

8:30 – Welcome and Introduction
Dr. Andrew Hurley

Conference Session 1

8:45 – Sustainable Packaging Approaches
James Sternberg, Clemson University – International Center for Automotive Research

9:30 – Distribution Testing
Dr. Greg Batt, Clemson University Packaging Science Department

10:15 – Break
Coffee and Snacks

10:45 – Dangerous Goods Packaging
Josh Galvarino, NAFTA Dangerous Goods Coordinator, Mercedes-Benz U.S. International Inc.

11:30 – Packaging Challenges Among the Supply Chain
Michael Ceritano, GSP North America


12:00 – Catered Lunch

12:45 – Bonus Session: Tier One Parts Packaging Discussion
Chris Schachern, Corporate Packaging Manager, Aludyne (formerly Chassix)

Conference Session 2 (Breakout Sessions)

Expendable Packaging
1:15 – Contract Packaging for Replacement Service Parts
Adam Therrien, Export Parts Operations Manager, American Honda Motor Company
Christopher Braun, Senior Engineer, American Honda Motor Company

2:00 – Aftersales Automotive Packaging: Transition in a Global Supply Chain
Darrin Lucas, Senior Manager of Inbound Logistics, Nissan NA

2:45 Break
Coffee and Snacks

3:15 – The Evolution of Dana’s Packaging Strategy
Rocky Robinson, Global Packaging Lead, Dana Automotive

4:00 – One Way, Two Way, Our Way
Ryan Newman, ConDC Packaging Engineer and Compliance Manager, BMW NA; Maxwell Fisher, Packaging Planner, BMW NA

Returnable Packaging
1:15 – Exercise in TRUST, Expendable backup packaging fiscal discipline
Bob Furlo, Packaging Supervisor, Novares

2:00 – BMW Production Panel
Ryan Macek, Logistics Project Manager; Brad Meredith, Packaging Planning Specialist; Larry Corbin, Packaging Planner or Electrical Parts; Paras Gudka, Packaging Engineer; Drew Cockman, Packaging and Logistics Section Manager

2:45 – Break
Coffee and Snacks

3:15 – Nissan, Returnable Packaging Management
Pati Franco Posada, Packaging Engineer Supervisor, Nissan Mexico; Francisco Huerta, Packaging Engineering General Supervisor, Nissan Mexico

4:00 – Track & Trace, or Out of Place
Thomas Harthun, Manager, Logistics and Planning, Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc.

5:00 – Reception
Cocktail Hour hors d’oeuvres and drinks

Tech and Logistics – Conference Room 505
Chaired by Suzanne Dickerson, SC Logistics

2:30 – Klaus Lysdale
VP of Sales and Operations, I-Containers

3:15 – Tanner Fogle
Clemson Transport Package Testing Lab

4:00 – Ben Nguku
Marketing Manager, Sealed Air

4:30 – William Wappler
President, Surgere

5:00 Main Conference Lobby